Morry Holly is an onara fighter in Eight Marbles 2X. She was added to the roster on April 19, 2012 and was a character made by the requests of overseas fans (according to her official profile page).

She can throw knifes and summon a minotaur.

Special Command List

Commands: B + C
Morry01 Morry places her hands on her hips and taunts her opponent. Gains roughly 1/3 meter upon completion.
Target the Peach
Commands: ↓ ↘ → + A, B, C -or- D, E, F
Morry02 Morry dashes forward, butt-first. Upon hitting an enemy, she'll throw multiple knives at her opponent. The knives will strike the opponent's rear end and leave them momentarily incapacitated if they are vulnerable to such attacks (most of the cast), otherwise they are juggled backwards (Jun, Kaiser, Lacus, and Lillie). The buttons used affect the distance of the dash, with A/D covering roughly 1/2 the screen, B/E about 3/4, and C/F spanning one screen length.
Hovering Wind
Commands: (While airborne) ↓ ↘ → + A, B, C -or- D, E, F
Morry09 Morry lets out a fart which does minute damage. The buttons used affect her trajectory; A/D give her a small forward boost, B/C send her further forward, and C/F send her backwards. After the first Wind, Morry can either drop down and strike the opponent with her buttocks, or chain multiple Hovering Wind inputs to bounce around in midair and vary her descent.
Warp Burst
Commands: → ↓ ↘ + A, B, C -or- ↘ + D, E, F
Morry04 Morry opens a portal behind her and farts into it. After a short delay, a portal opens up behind her opponent which expels the gas towards them. The attack button used affects the location where the exit portal will appear with A/D being a little under a screen length, B/E appearing slightly off screen, and C/F being even further off screen.
Smash Fart
Commands: ↓ ↙ ← + A, B, C -or- ← + D, E, F
Morry03 Morry fires off a barrage of farts which can hit multiple times. The attack button used will affect how Morry moves while farting; A/D will have her at a standstill, while B/E and C/F will send her forward slowly, with the latter covering more distance. Pressing the appropriate attack button repeatedly will extend the duration of the move.
Taurus Charge
Commands: ← ↓ ↙ + A, B, C -or- ↓ + D, E, F
Morry05 Morry summons a minotaur-girl which after a delay rushes forward and attacks the enemy, hitting 5 times culminating in a fart. The attack button used changes the minotaur's attack pattern: A/D has her rush forward almost immediately after being summoned, while B/E and C/F have her wait about 2 seconds before attacking. The B/E version is a fixated wait period, but the C/F version has the minotaur retaliate upon being attacked if the opponent strikes her functioning as a pseudo-counterattack. Taurus Charge has a modest cooldown period after usage; attempting to use it before the cooldown will cause Morry to enter the summoning animation without actually accomplishing anything. Only one minotaur-girl can be out at a time.
Graviton Pressure
Commands: ↓ ↘ → ↓ ↘ → + C -or- → + E + F
Morry07 Costs 3 super bars.

Morry does a rolling wheel kick; should it connect, the opponent is smacked down and trapped within an energy field. Depending on who her opponent is, Morry will either pierce their butt with her fingers and force them to fart while within the field (most of the cast), or fart into the field herself via portal (Jun, Kaiser, Lacus, and Lillie). If the opponent falls into the former category, they'll suffer damage to their buttocks and be briefly incapacitated afterward. Does extreme damage.

Tornado Suction
Commands: ↓ ↙ ←↓ ↙ ← + C -or- ← + E + F
Morry06 Costs 3 super bars.

Morry creates a twister from her rear with modest range. If it hits, the opponent is dragged towards Morry until they make contact. Morry then discharges multiple farts which blast the opponent to the other side of the screen. Does extreme damage.


Color Palettes


  • Morry Holly is 16 years old.
  • Her health is set to 310.