Momoka is a character from the RPG game Dasaku Skunk, and makes an appearance in Eight Marbles 2X as a playable fighter.  In her game, she claims to be a kunoichi assassin, but is actually the Kobin Village pharmacist's daughter.  Despite such a humble origin, she actually has onara powerful enough to rival the strength of the Skunkette tribe.

In Eight Marbles, she fights using ninja techniques and farts.

Special Command List

Commands: B + C
Momoka10 Momoka extends her hand and beckons her opponent. Gains 1/5 super bar on completion.
桃斬肘 Touzanchuu
Commands: ↓ ↘ → + A, B, C -or- D, E, F
Momoka01 Momoka dashes forward and strikes with her elbow. During the dash, Momoka's lower body is intangible. If the attack makes contact, Momoka can then link into another special command or knock them upwards with C. The attack button used to execute the attack determines how far Momoka dashes, with A/D covering 1/3 of the screen, B/E covering 1/2, and C/F one full screen length.
春風包み Shunpuu Tsutsumi
Commands: → ↓ ↘ + A, B, C -or- ↘ + D, E, F
Momoka02 Momoka rolls forward and attempts to press her butt against her opponent. The attack button used determines how far Momoka rolls, A/D being the shortest and C/F the furthest at about 1/2 a screen length. If the move lands, Momoka releases a few farts which stuns the opponent leaving them open to attack for a few moments. While the attack's ending hitbox is unblockable, Momoka herself is vulnerable while rolling.
桃香砲 Momokajyuu
Commands: ↓ ↙ ← + A, B -or- ← + D, E
Momoka03 Momoka fires off a single fart with modest range. The A/D version holds her current position, while B/E has her jump forward slightly before letting loose.
蜻蛉落とし Tonbo Otoshi
Commands: ↓ ↙ ← + C -or- ← + F
Momoka04 A modified varient of Momokajyuu, this attack adds a second fart to the first which Momoka maintains for a short while resulting in a lingering hitbox. This attack does not knock down the opponent, but it can hit multiple times so long as the opponent is struck by the gas cloud.
桃舞 Momomai
Commands: ↓ ↓ + A, B, C -or- ↓ + D, E, F
Momoka05 Momoka flips through the air; her trajectory is based upon which attack button is used. A/D leaps straight upwards, B/E leaps forward, and C/F leaps backwards. There is a brief invincibility period at the start of the jump. Compared to jumping normally, these flips have higher airspeed reaching their apex and completion faster while also covering more horizontal distance. The move itself has no hitboxes and Momoka can't use any normal attacks out of it, but she can execute aerial specials in midair cancelling the flip.
地斬襲 Chizan Kasane
Commands: (While airborne) ↓ ↙ ← + A -or- D
Momoka06 Momoka drops straight down to the ground, then performs a sliding kick that hits low. Can be done while leaping with Momomai.
薫封桃屁 Kunfuu Tohi
Commands: (While airborne) ↓ ↙ ← + B, C -or- E, F
Momoka07 Momoka rushes forward through the air, butt-first. The attack button used determines her trajectory, B/E sends her at a downward diagonal, and C/F soars across the screen in a horizontal arc. If Momoka makes contact with the opponent, she blasts them with a powerful fart that knocks them away.  Can be done while leaping with Momomai.
薫獄殺 Kungokusetsu
Commands: ↓ ↘ → + C -or- → + E, F
Momoka08 Costs 3 super bars.

Momoka attacks with a sliding kick. If this hits, she performs a multitude of attacks in rapid succession which lead into Momoka planting her buttocks onto the opponent. She then releases several farts which culminate into one final burst of gas, hurtling the opponent to the other side of the screen. Does extreme damage.

烈風桃屁 Repuu Tohi
Commands: (While airborne) ↓ ↘ → + C -or- → + E, F
Momoka09 Costs 2 super bars.

Momoka dives diagonally with a punch. If she strikes an opponent, she then follows up the punch with a flurry of farts from the sky, then completes her dive behind the opponent. Momoka then unleashes an enormous fart knocking the opponent away.  Can be done while leaping with Momomai.


Color Palettes


  • Momoka is 17 years old.
  • Her health is set to 300.
  • In her official profile page for Eight Marbles 2X, Momoka is not depicted wearing any underwear (akin to her appearance in the first Eight Marbles game). However, in known release versions of 2X, she is seen wearing a black thong. Whether her profile images are from an unreleased development build, or a very early version of the game is not known.