Miranda is an onara fighter from Eight Marbles and Eight Marbles 2X.

Miranda is an angel who appeared to fight the devil (possibly Megaria) who appeared in the kingdom's country. She has the power to fly and make her butt bigger for more powerful farts. There is no other information known other than her bio as of yet.

Eight Marbles 2X

In Eight Marbles 2X, Miranda is an All Rounder character, being able to attack from near, above and far at equal distances. Her notable attacks include a ring projectile that pulls the enemy to her on contact, a dive kick that doubles as a command grab, a hovering gas cloud that locks up the enemy even when blocking, a anti-air that doubles as a command grab and a command dash that gives her multiple options depending on which direction she goes.

​Brave and stinker 3

Miranda has also made an appearance in brave and stinker 3 as an optional boss.

mirandas overworld sprites in brave and stinker 3


mirandas attack sprite (clean)

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